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Star Desk Platform


The Challenge

Star Desk is a financial trading platform that provides proprietary desk services for traders. In partnership with TC, Star Desk offers capital, risk management, and expertise to democratize access to the financial market and growth opportunities for traders of all levels.

Product Expertise and Focus on Solutions

Each member of our team brings unique expertise, enabling a holistic approach to solving complex problems and creating innovative digital solutions.

User Experience

We simplified the user journey by optimizing the website and platform. Previously, the complexity required many clicks to make a purchase, leading to abandonment. Now, with an efficient flow and streamlined design, the user experience has been significantly enhanced.

Benefits Program

We developed a system where users earn points by making purchases through Axia or by referring friends to join the platform. These points can be exchanged for discount vouchers, providing significant benefits for their next purchase.

Simplified Bureaucratic Processes

We established an exclusive login area for administrators and users. The administrators’ interface provides detailed KPIs and facilitates purchase management, simplifying processes such as invoice generation and user administration.

The partnership with Star Desk resulted in significant improvements to their platform.

Our ongoing focus on innovation has raised the quality and functionality of the platform, providing an enhanced experience for all users.

Additionally, the implementation of an exclusive login area simplifies internal operations, providing administrators with visibility through KPIs and streamlining crucial processes. With technology and design, we facilitate bureaucratic processes, giving administrators more time to focus on other tasks.

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