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Platform for Wealth Management LVNT Asset


The Challenge

We collaborated with LVNT Asset, a wealth management firm, to develop a white-label platform integrated with XP’s portfolios. With a competent and experienced team, LVNT offers managed portfolios, exclusive funds, custom funds, and tailored solutions. The challenge was to create a solution tailored to LVNT’s needs, providing an integrated experience for their clients.

Minimalist and Luxurious Design

Each member of our team brings unique expertise, allowing for a holistic approach to solving complex problems and creating innovative digital solutions.

User Experience and Design

We chose a minimalist and modern design for LVNT Asset, aiming for an easy-to-use platform. By presenting essential information clearly, users can access their portfolio and assets, with charts displaying growth and fluctuations. This streamlined approach promotes an intuitive and efficient experience for users.

White Label Platform

The LVNT Asset platform offers the option to be fully customizable according to the client’s identity. This means that the client can incorporate their colors and logo, personalizing the entire platform to reflect their unique visual identity. This flexibility ensures a consistent experience aligned with each client’s brand.

Websites, Hotsites, and Landing Pages

Creation, development, and management of websites. Our team of designers and developers works together to create modern, appealing, and fully responsive websites that offer an exceptional user experience.

We developed a platform that innovates Wealth Management.

With expertise in Managed Portfolios, Exclusive Funds, and Custom Funds, LVNT provides a customized solution to offer an integrated experience to its clients.

A solution was developed to meet the specific needs of LVNT, ensuring a cohesive and efficient user experience.

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