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Investor Pass Platform


The Challenge

We collaborated with InvestorPass to develop a customized platform tailored for the financial market. This solution includes detailed reports, specialized courses, and a platform of indicators for real-time stock market monitoring. Our challenge was to create a solution adapted to the specific needs of InvestorPass.

Indicator Platform

We developed an indicator platform for InvestorPass, integrated with B3, which presents real-time variations in market stocks. Additionally, we included a chart to track the IBOV index. Furthermore, users have the ability to favorite preferred stocks, allowing for more detailed monitoring of these assets. This functionality provides a personalized and agile experience for InvestorPass users.

User Experience and Design

We opted for a minimalist and modern design for InvestorPass, making the platform easy to use. With crucial information presented clearly, users can access what they need with a single click, from recommended portfolios to market data. This streamlined approach promotes an intuitive and efficient experience.

E-learning Platform

We created an e-learning platform for InvestorPass, providing comprehensive courses on the financial market. The platform includes essential and informative videos, organized into modules to facilitate the learning process. This approach offers users a complete and structured educational experience.

Admin Panel

We created a comprehensive admin panel for InvestorPass, allowing administrators to autonomously upload, post, and categorize various types of content. This functionality provides efficient management and continuous updating of the platform.

We provided a customized solution for the specific demands of the financial market.

Integrating real-time indicators, IBOV charts, and the ability to favorite stocks, the platform offers users a nimble and informative experience.

With minimalist design, intuitive UI/UX, and a robust admin panel, InvestorPass stands out as a comprehensive and efficient tool for tracking and learning about the financial market.

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