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Platform for research house Inside Research.


The Challenge

Inside Research, a financial market analysis firm, provides comprehensive reports including recommended portfolios, recommendation guides, and quarterly analyses to its clients. Previously, Inside used a third-party whitelabel platform but sought to develop its own platform with enhanced administrative functionalities and greater profitability. The challenge was to transition to a customized solution that met the specific needs of Inside Research.

Inside Chat

We introduced a forum on the Inside Research platform, providing an interactive space for analysts and users to discuss market updates, news, and relevant topics. This tool strengthens the relationship between them, also serving as an effective channel for clarifying doubts. The forum contributes to creating an engaged community, promoting the exchange of knowledge and valuable insights.

Indicators Platform

In the Inside Research platform, we introduced a real-time integrated stock indicators system with B3. This enhancement provides users with dynamic and accurate analysis of the financial market, facilitating instant tracking of crucial information for decision-making and investment analysis efficiency.

Administrative Panel

We have created a comprehensive administrative panel that allows for the upload, posting, and categorization of various types of content. Additionally, we have incorporated advanced user management and financial control features, including the ability to modularize plans offered by the platform for greater flexibility and adaptation to Inside Research’s needs.

Courses, Videos and Podcasts

We have developed a platform that offers comprehensive e-learning courses on the financial market, informative videos, and podcasts, providing a variety of formats to meet users’ preferences.

Inside Research experienced remarkable evolution in its platform, with significant improvements implemented by MD3 Lab.

The introduction of technological advancements and innovative design enabled the integration of real-time stock indicators, an interactive forum, and an efficient administrative panel.

These changes not only strengthened financial analysis and community interaction but also led to more efficient management, reducing costs and boosting Inside Research’s profitability. This enhancement reinforces its position as a benchmark in the financial market.

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